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About VSHK

We consult, organize training or provide services as an agency. This allows our clients to get results quickly, use their team's time optimally and spend on marketing exactly as much as they need.


Our key team has stayed the same for a long period of time.
Our marketing experience totals about 50 years. We are continually learning, as well as creating useful educational programs.

And we make our clients' marketing systematic and effective.

Эвелина Хмелевская

Co-Founder & CEO

Алексей Яновский

Co-Founder & CEO


The Marketing Bar agency has been a partner of the Higher School of Communications since its founding (2010-2018). We have spent hundreds of hours working together, dozens of online courses and offline events.

Cooperation and mutual passion led to the unification of Marketing Bar and "Higher School of Communications" into a single project "VSHK".

The project works in three directions:
• marketing communications consulting
• teaching
• marketing/advertising services

The most valuable to us are the results and feedback from our customers.